The logo was designed by Mr. K-J Ker in 1995.

Ideas underpinning the design are:

* The blue color expresses the cool, rational image of an academic society.
* Using geometric triangles in the logo reflects an internaional flavor.
* The upper triangle symbolizes AI with an embedded small, white T representing Taiwanese.
* The lower triangle means an association.
* Including two triangles with different colors brings out the image of technique interchange among the association with other societies.
* The combined white and blue circles symbolize the "Tai-Chi" picture in ancient China, representing a localized effort.
* The ten small, different-sized rectangles constitute a moving chain of bits, a vivid image of computaional science.
* The white T (or blue T) looks like a human; the combined two Ts symbolize the Chinese character "kung" (for make); combined they mean Man-made or artificial.